2019 Community Report: This is Why I Give

Community Report 2019 (pdf)

Northwest CT Community Foundation was established in 1969. The Community Foundation serves Litchfield County with 286 funds that support nonprofit organizations and provide scholarships to area students in 20 towns within the Northwest Corner, including Barkhamsted, Bethlehem, Canaan/Falls Village, Colebrook, Cornwall, Goshen, Hartland, Harwinton, Kent, Litchfield, Morris, New Hartford, Norfolk, North Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, Torrington, Warren, Washington and Winchester/Winsted.





Northwest Corner community members gave more than $2.5 million toward causes that matter and programs making a difference in their communities


Community Foundation funds address current and emerging needs in the areas of arts and culture, civic improvements, basic needs, animal care and conservation, and put education within reach for local students.


Through the generosity of fundholders, fund advisors and donors, nonprofits were awarded more than $5 million in grants in support of programs and capital needs to support local nonprofits working to improve lives and strengthen communities.



The Community Foundation provides prudent stewardship of a sizeable community endowment comprised of charitable funds designed to benefit future generations of Northwest Connecticut citizens.


Local students received more than $160,000 in scholarships, providing the support they need to become the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists, teachers and medical professionals.


Local nonprofits have established more than 95 different funds with the Community Foundation. These funds support their individual charitable missions, projects, fundraisers and capital campaigns.


The Community Foundation supports the work of privately established foundations in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.


​Volunteers work endlessly to support the mission of the Community Foundation and the nonprofits of the Northwest Corner.


Gifts that Make Good Possible

Northwest CT community members gave $2,635,140 toward causes that matter and programs making a difference in their communities.


Estate of Donald Mougenot*


Marlene and Christopher Smith*


Melva Bucksbaum Family Foundation


Margaret and Adrian Selby


Torrington Chapter of UNICO


Elizabeth Temkin
Gayle and Steven Temkin


Charles Lemmen*


Kurt Andersen and Anne Kreamer
Diane and Jeff Johnson
Estate of Margaret Kelley
Estate of Ledlie I. Laughlin Jr.
Sharon Woman’s Club, Inc.


William and Mary Greve Foundation, Inc.
Lisabeth Milewski*


New Hartford Education Foundation


Pamela Kinsey*
Anne and Mac Horner
The Litchfield Bancorp*


Mary Adams
Karen and Lew Altfes
The Benevity Community Impact Fund Anne Sutherland Fuchs gift matches
Allan Borghesi
Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Elena and Dennis Sherva
Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals LP


Elaine and Paul Dinto in memory of Francis H. Ducci
Helen Scoville
Superior Pipeline Company, LLC
Torrington Savings Bank employee gift matches


The Ackerly Charitable Fund
Michele Adamo Prifogle in memory of Mary Ellen Adamo
Amanda Allan
Joan and Stephen Altschuler
Scott Asen
Ann and Travers Auburn
Babbitt Family Charitable Trust
Anita and William Baxter
Susan and Jeffrey Borghesi in memory of Dino and Julia Borghesi
Marana L. Brooks
Marlene Childs
Hope Childs
Connecticut On-Line Computer Center
Dr. Roger Coutant
Anthea Disney and Peter Howe
Estate of James L. Draper, Jr.
Patricia Gelormino in memory of Jim Garfield and Tony and Betty Gelormino
Carole Gibney
Helen Trubek Glenn in memory of John Spellman Glenn, M.D.
Betsy and Bill Goff
Jane Whitney Gruson
HOA Community Management, LLC
Thomas Howard and Jeanne Ruwet
Vincent Inconiglios and Donna Rafftery*
Josephine Jones
Dwight Keeney
Barbara and Gene Kohn in honor of Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Betsy Krebs and Sheldon Stein
Richard Leone
Betsy & Christopher Little Fund
The Loyola Foundation
Carol Lugar
Kim Matland
Millicent K. Matland Revocable Trust
Diane and Don Mayland
Maria and David Mazzarelli
Linnea and James Mescall
Barbara and James Millar
Gayle Moraski in memory of Gloria Borla, and in honor of Shirley MacCallum
Carl’s True Value in memory of Richard “Dick” Katz, Alice Dibble, James Lovato, Lou Muller, David R. Spino, Charles “Chuck” Swanson, and Christine Zippe
Mullins Family Foundation
The Francis J. & Louisa J. Oneglia Foundation, Inc.
Victoria and Fran Patrick in memory of Gloria Oneglia, and in honor of the DeMichiel and Patrick Families
Maureen Hannon and Randall Patterson
People’s United Bank, Wealth Management
Cathy Perga
Rod Pleasants and Steven M. Godwin in honor of Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Ellen and Sam Felton Posey
The Lawrence Power Charitable Foundation in honor of Guy Rovezzi
Janet and Lawrence Rivkin
Barbara and Charles R. Robinson
Nancy and Norman Rogers
Rudy and Ronald Rosenstein
Alan Rothfeld
Philip Samponaro
Bronwin and Hugh Schoelzel
Benjamin Stapleton III
Judy Staubo in memory of Jim Garfield
Thomaston Savings Bank
Torrington Winsted Area Rotary Club
Nancy Wadhams
Katherine Wenning and Michael Dennis in honor of Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Workman Memorial AME Zion Church


Marcia and Haworth Barker in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Barron Financial Group
Darlene Battle
Elizabeth and Martin Brayboy
Pamela and Richard A. Cantor
Tammy and Patrick Casey
Ellen Childs
Pam and Alan Colavecchio
Judge Margaret Cooley
The Lea Davies Charitable Foundation in honor of Guy Rovezzi
Julia and Jeffrey DeMichiel
Fran and Richard Dichillo
Anne and Edward Dodge
David Dolinsky in memory of Brian O’Neil
Doolittle Lake Company
Marcia Doyle
Donna and William Ducci
Barbara Dughi
Shanna and Andrew A. Goldstone
Sue and Blake Hall
Geoffrey O. Kalish and Michele Sherman-Kalish
Emily Dalton and Matthew Karpas
Katherine Kinane
Jeffrey and Susan Lalonde Community Betterment Fund
Mary and Richard Lanier
Richard Loyer
Mark Malloy
Ellen Marino
Robert and Carolyn Mattoon Fund
Madeline McClave and Richard Frieder
Katherine Moore
Victor Muschell in memory of Marion Muschell
The Neary Family Charitable Fund
Northwest Community Bank
Northwest Regional High School Gals for Good Fundraiser: Asa Bannerman, Brooke Maloney, Amelia Ficalora
Linda and Doug O’Connell
Margo and Russell O’Connor, Jr. in memory of Edward J., Josephine M.Schmitt, and Gloria Borla
Cathy and Gregory Oneglia in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Elizabeth and Daniel Oneglia in memory of Frank and Mary Rovezzi
Roderic Oneglia
Andrew Pace
Candy Perez
Janet and Robert Petricone
Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates, LLC
Sandra Roberts in memory of Jim Garfield
Myron S. Rolfe and Bruce F. Tracy
Molly and Charles Roraback
Dale and Quentin R. Ryan
Rosemarie and William Ryan
JoAnn Ryan in honor of Lauren Ryan and Melanie O’Leary
Sand Road Animal Hospital
Joyce S. Schwartz Advised Fund
Edith Scopino
Gregory Susla and Lisa Romano
Housing Authority of the City of Torrington
Founders Capital Management
Carol and Louis Timolat
Sanda and John Ursone
Kathleen and Michael Voldstad
Jane Whitney


Bernard R. Adams and Edna H. Travis Fund
Alyce and Edward Arum
Assured Partners Northeast
Bardel Family Fund
Thomas Bechtle and Don Bachman
Sally Bergad
Beth and John Birden
Deborah and Girome Bono
Sheila and Arthur Borla in memory of Richard Borla and Gloria Borla
Susan and Bradley Bremer
JoAnn and Harry Briggs
Joyce Briggs
Brooks, Todd and McNeil
Susan and Mark Caufield
Kelly and Seth Churchill
Connecticut Construction Industries Association, Inc. in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Katharine and Rohit Desai
Claire and Robert Dombi
Dan Dwyer and Jim Montanari
Barbara and Joseph Ellis
Lucy Fenn in memory of Albert H. and Albert R. Fenn
Deborah and Paul Ferry in memory of Gloria Borla
Elizabeth and Eric A. Forstmann
Elisabeth Gill
John Glenn in memory of Dr. John Glenn
Hallingby Family Foundation
William G. Harding in memory of Gloria Oneglia, Lillian Rogers, and Kathryn Languell
Hartford Healthcare
Anna and J. Richard Heys
Susan Hoffnagle and Mark Michelson
Daniel D. Hubbard
Roberta and John E. Janco
Farida and Ghulam Jilani
Debby and Barton Jones
Dwight Kellogg
The Kestrel Foundation
LaPlaca Oil and Propane
Roxana Laughlin
Corky and John Lavieri in memory of Gloria Borla
Robin and Kevin Ledversis
Susan and Jedd Levine
Fritz and Lee Link
Frederick Machuga
Sandra Magyar
Ann and Sandy Mazeau in memory of Jim Garfield
Carolyn and Samuel Mazzarelli in honor of Gladys Cerruto
Dale McDonald
Barbara Millar
Julia and John Morris in honor of Ann Smith
Jean and Frank Perotti
Heidi Picard-Ramsay and Tim Ramsay in memory of Bernece and Dillon Ramsay
Susan Pinsky and Marc Rosen
Rose Ponte in memory of John Ponte
Dolores Raimo
Clare Rashkoff in memory of Evan Rashkoff
Susan Rea in honor of Sandy Zielinski
Lori Riiska CPA, LLC
Roshambo Hair Studio, LLC
Caren and Gordon Ross
Linda and Douglas Roth
Patty and Guy Rovezzi in memory of Gloria Borla
Terrence Ryan, M.D. and Elizabeth Whalen, M.D.
Edith and Kenneth Schechter
Elaine and Robert Sederquist
Mark Shearer Fund
Charles Short and Chet Kranewski
Terina and Michael Smith
Sterling Sintered Technologies, Inc.
Theroux, Nowell & Stoughton, LLC
Jane Tremper
Bonnie VanGilder and Jonathan Landman
Vet’s Explosives, Inc.
Atty. Donna Vincenti and Mr. Pat Vincenti in memory of Jim Garfield
Wall, Wall & Frauenhofer
Arete Warren in memory of William B. Warren
Kathleen Weinstein in memory of Richard Borla
Robin and Richard Weiss
Regina Wexler
Kimberly Widener
Walter and Patricia Williamsen
Leone Young
Sandra Zielinski

Gifts under $249

Janet and Salvatore Accardo
Judy and John Acerbi
Janet and Donald Aeschlimann
William Ahrens
Betsy and Mickey Alderman in memory of Gloria Oneglia
All Star Storage-Torrington, LLC
Jane and Matthew Allyn
Ann Amicone
Berta and Matthew Andrulis Mette
Mary Ann and David Antoniazzi in memory of Lisa Hardenberg
Judi Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Arnold in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Asbestos Management Company, LLC
Sally Austin-Fitzpatrick
Anne Bailey
Kathryn and Gerald Baker
Mary Ellen and Gerald Baldwin
Nancy Barbieri in memory of Gloria Borla
Mary and Otto Barker
Arleen and Tom Barrett Charitable Gift Account
Cynthia Barrett
Trisha Barry
Allison Baxter Bannerman
Patricia Bayette
Christine and Patrick A. Beer
Ann and Lance Beizer
Raymond Belding
Cora and Randall Bell
Susan Belle-Isle
Esther and David Bennett
Gail and Ricky Berglund
Tina Bernacki
Randy Bernard
Bethlehem Land Trust Inc.
Barbara and Robert Bettigole
Linda and William Bianowicz
Nancy and Robert Bird, Jr.
Rita and David Bishop
Virginia and James Blackketter
Kay and Terry M. Blass
Cara and Kenneth Blazier
Ginni Block
Jacqueline Blombach and Michael Duca
Candace and William M. Boden in memory of Eileen Burns
Dana and John Bongiorno
Alfred Bonvicini
Brian Boratko
Judy and Tom Bordonaro
Annesa Borla
Victoria and Martin Bothroyd
Patricia and Richard Bottass in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Ellen Boyd
Margaret Brandolini
Debra and Tim Brandt in memory of William Goring
Richard Bredice in memory of Sue Bredice
Patricia and Richard Brennan
Ivan Brice
Maria Seymour Brooker Memorial
Rosemarie and Byron Brooks
Diane and Frank P. Bruno
Albert and Annette Brunoli
Denise and John Buchanan III
William J. Buckley, Jr.
Edward Burns
Regan Byrne Palmer and Timothy Palmer
Carol Camper and John Hartje
Nancy and Robert Cannavo
Carolyn and Vance Cannon
Gary Capitanio
Elinor and Gerard Carbone
Raymond Carmignani
Mary E. Carroll and Daniel A. Russell
Susan and David Carroll
Susan and David Carroll in memory of Rita Pacheco
Dona and James Casey
Mary Anne Casey
Mary Anne Casey and Richard Weingart
John Casey
Patricia and Larry Cassella in honor of Gladys Cerruto’s 90th birthday
Constance Cather
Gladys Cerruto in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Frank J. Chiaramonte
Linda and Peter Chidsey
Carolyn Childs
Tamara and Dave Christensen
CKG Associates, LLC
Ella Clark
Maureen L. Cleary
Barbara and Lee Collins
Jean and Robert Collins
Barry and Karen Cone
Cathy and Matt Connole
Kathleen M. Connolly
Janice and Martin Connor
Mary Ellen and Lawrence Connors
Linda and William A. Conti
Ramona Cook
Clifford and Jeannine Cooper in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Evelyn Cornelio
Betty and Christopher Cosgrove
Nancy Costa in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Deborah and William Couch
Amy and Joseph Cracco
Christopher Craig
Barbara Creaser
Tamara Curry
Peggy and David Cusick
Jean Darlington and Eduardo Marchena
Ginny and Edward Davidson
Kathleen and George Day
Karen and David Dee
Elizabeth Dekker DDS
Francis Delaney
Alice Dember
Janet Dember
Barbara and Paul Denza
Deirdre and Alan DiCara
Page Dickey and Francis Schell
Irene and Roger Dietlin
Tina DiFabio
Donna and James DiMartino
Lea Dmytryck in memory of Helen Font and Paul Dmytryck
Barbara Dobos
Cindy Donaldson and David Coon in memory of Gloria Borla
Deborah and Louis Donne
Barbara Douglas
Barbara Douglass, Ph.D. in honor of Hon. Bill Harding
Denise and Ron Dower
Doyle's Medical Supply
Leah Drouin
George and Ellen Durstin
Shelley Duval
Margaret Dwan
Randy Dwenger and Steven Callahan
Robert F. Dwyer Esq.
Nicole and Joel Easley
Eastside Electric Inc.
Rebecca Eaton
Lorna and Daniel Edmundson
Christina Emery
Michael Emont and Margo Rappoport Fund
Anne Marie and Jeffrey M. Engel
Ruth and Ed Epstein
Ruth Epstein
Ericson Insurance Advisors
Julie and John Fabiaschi
Lorraine and George Faison
Robert Fancher
James Fedorich
Zoe and Sergei Fedorjaczenko
Madelaine Gill and David Feinberg
Patricia Fili-Krushel and Kenneth Krushel
Alfred J. Finn
Fire Equipment Headquarters, Inc.
Leslie and Michael Flowers
Malcolm Forbes
Elaine Fortuna
Melanie Fowler
Jessica Fowler and James Krissel
Alison Fox
Kenneth J. Fracasso in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Marlene and David Frigo in memory of Gloria Oneglia and Gloria Borla
Lynn and John Fulkerson
Jeanne Fusco
Moses Gabelmann
Judith and Leo Gafney
Dianna and Ken Galitello
Susan and Tino Galluzzo in honor of Guy Rovezzi
Patrice Gans
Laura and Gregory Garger
Linda Garrettson
Richard C. Gauthier Drilling & Blasting, Inc
Bette and Jerry Geci in memory of John Glenn
Peggy and Jeffrey Geddes
Karin Gerstel and Joseph Woodard
Marie C. Gervasini
Stephen Getz and Peter Coffeen
Kevin Gibbons/UTC Aerospace Systems
Mary Gilman in memory of Richard Gilman
Sanita Gingras
Ann Gold
Patricia and Arnold Goldstein
Joseph Gordon in honor of Jonathan Jacobson
Bonnie A. Gorman in memory of Jim Garfield
Beth Gradowski
Simone Graffam
Carolyn and John Grazia
Martha Green and Alan Cohen
Paula and Joseph Gregoire
Barbara Gridley
Mary Jane and Richard Gryniuk
Sharon Gusky
Terry and Todd Hall
Christina Hanley and Richard Johnston
Shelley Harms and David Torrey
Cynthia and Robert Hart
Diane and David Hebert
Hebrew 13:5 LLC d/b/a McDonald's #3752
Joyce Hemingson
Joan and Stephen Hennessey
Barbara Herbst
John A. Herrmann
Jill and George Hetson
Cathy and Tom Hinman
Katharine Hinman in honor of Suz Hinman
His Hand LLC d/b/a McDonald's #7809
Satomi and Bradford W. Hoar
Theresa A. Hodge
Mary Hoffnagle in memory of William A. Neill
Holley Doremus Fund
Susan Horn
Jean Marie and Ellen Horovitz
Henrietta and Walter Horvay in memory of Susan and Paul Horvay Jr.
Ruthann and Paul Horvay
Irene Hricko
Amy Hudak
Daphne Hurford and Sandy Padwe
Iffland Lumber
Vincent Inconiglios
Alison and Kerry Jassen
Leila Javitch
Colleen and Frederick Jeans
Wendy and Wayne Jenkins
Mercy and Paul Ji
John 14:1 LLC d/b/a McDonald's #1006
Jill E. Johnson in memory of Carol Patterson
Kay and Frederick Joseph
Jane Kaczmarek
Elisabeth Kaestner and Paul DeAngelis
Ruby Kam
Carol Kaplan
Stacie and Edward Kavle
Ruth Keefe in honor of Robert and Guy Rovezzi
Peggy and Ted Kelley
Beth and David Kelley in memory of Carol Patterson
John M. Kelley
Deborah and Gregg Kelly
Lynn Kelly
Terry Lynn Kelly
Alice and Peter Kent
Rebecca Kent
KidsPlay Children’s Museum
Johanna and Anton Kimball     
Susan and Robert E. King
Susan Kinkade
Melanie Kirkpatrick and Jack David
Thomas and Rena Klebart
Klebe Fuel Company
Terry Klim
Cheryl and Tim Kloczko
Chester M. Kloczko
Susan Knight
Janet Kozlak
Diane G. Kranz in memory of Jim Garfield
Bernadette Krayeski
Margot and David Krimmel
Jacqueline and Joseph Kulhowvick in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Joan Kunsch in honor of family members for Christmas
David Kurtz
Noelle LaMuniere in memory of Sean McElroy
Alfred Langer
Janis LaPorta in memory of Thomas and Helen LaPorta
Dominique Lasseur
Sheryl Leach and Howard Rosenfeld
Norma and Jack Leavitt
Diane and Mark Libby
Joan and Gerald Libby
Jack Limpert
Cheryl and Carl Lindquist
Charlotte and Richard Lindsey
Litchfield Lions Club
Litchfield County Pediatrics, LLC
Suzanne and Craig Litwin
Eileen and Peter Litwin
Santo LoBrutto in memory of William Romani and Gloria Borla
Kiau and Jo Loi
Carol and Edward G. Lord
Virginia and William Lovallo in memory of Clara Lillian Canfield
Joseph Lowy
Anne MacDonald
Susan MacEachron and Michael Halloran
Michael F. Magistrali & Associates, LLC
Joyce and Jeffrey Maher in memory of Michael E. Maher
Doris and David Maitland
Lucille Maniago
Virginia and Joseph Maraia
Donna Marconi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marcus
Darcey and John Markelon
Susan Markowitz
Patty and Richard Marshall
Priscilla and Robert Marshall
Sandy and Bruce Mason
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Match
Mather Corporation in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Anita Mathewson
Matt 19-26 LLC d/b/a McDonald's #2809
Matt 23:12 LLC d/b/a McDonald's #3246
Donna and Brian Mattiello
Kerwin Mayers
Mary Jane Mazzarelli
Priscilla and Alan McCord
Byrthe and Robert McCormick
Jennifer and John McCormick
Shirley McCunn
Tara and Bryan McEwan
Bryan, Tara, Kaelyn and Chase McEwan in honor of Shirley MacCallum
Ann Marie McGrath
Ann McGurk
Madeline and George McMahon
Henry McWhinnie
Patricia and Curt Mechare
Jacqueline and Philip Miller
Kathryn and Frederick Minck
Modern Barber Shop
Rebecca and James Mogob
John and Hope Mongeau
Joseph Montebello and Ron Leal
Nicholas J. Moore Fund
Susan Moore in memory of Robert Moore
Abigail and John Moore
John Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Sheila and Paul Moses
Catherine and Robert Mosey
Georgie and Helena Mubarek
Naugatuck Valley Food Distributors, Inc.
Phyllis Nauts
Dr. Paul Nebor
Network for Good
Newberry Insurance Agency Inc.
Elizabeth and Danforth Newcomb
John Newkirk
Nancy and Godwin Noell
Mary Pat and Ed Noonan
Northwest Corner Dental Partners LLP
Northwest Hills Credit Union
Northwestern Connecticut Community College
John and Nancy Novogrod
Joan and Morgan O'Brien
Patricia and James Okrongly
Barbara and James O'Leary
Ruthann Olsson
Ruth O'Meara in memory of Eugene J. O'Meara
Gloria Oneglia in memory of Raymond A. Oneglia
Katherine Oneglia and Jay Trevorrow in memory of Gloria B. Oneglia
Cynthia Oneglia and Dan Whalen
Charlene O'Neil in memory of Michael O'Neil
Gail O'Neil
Sara Osborne
Rosemary Padin
Beth and Jason Pajak in honor of Shirley MacCallum's birthday
Pauline and John Palladino
Betty Palmer
Jo and George Palmer
Ruth and Paul Pan in memory of Carol Patterson
Susan Patterson in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Sevara and Kenneth Paul in memory of John M Friedman
Susie Payne in memory of John H. Payne III
Mary Ellen and Ronald Peasley
Eve and Raymond Pech in memory of Mary Louise Pech
Shirley Pedone
Jane and Frank Pennington
Philip Pepper in memory of Janice Pepper
James Pepper
Suzanne Perkins
Carla and David Perlotto in honor of Janet Dember and Skip Shattuck
Petricone's Torrington Pharmacy
Linda and Doug A. Pfenninger
Martha and Kevin Phillips        
Faith Poliquin
Judith and Roger Pollick
Robert Porter
Eleanor and Kenneth Pratt in memory of Michael Pratt
Michelle and Joseph Pratt
Allan Priaulx and Jacqueline Markham-Priaulx
Erica and Hector Prud'homme
Psalm 37:4-5 LLC d/b/a McDonald's #25928
Caryl Pucino in memory of Tony Pucino
Denise Raap
Josephine Radocchio in memory of Camille Radocchio
Aurora Ramos in memory of Molly and Chelz
The Hon. Curtis and Susan Rand
Janet and Egidio Recidivi
Cora Regis in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Katherine and Edward Regner
Alan and Maureen Regner
Steve and Meg Reilly
Anthony L. Renzullo
Cynthia and John Reznick in memory of the Reznick and Ryan Families
Cristin and David Rich
Carter Richards
Thomas and Elizabeth Rickart
Linda and Matthew Riiska
Christine P. Ringuette
Dorothy and Roger Robbins
Dr. Billie Robbins
Roberson Tierney & Associates
Sandra Roberts in memory of Jim Garfield
Roxana & Hamilton Robinson
Nancy Rogers and Michael P. Delay
Mary Beth and Thomas Roscoe in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Nancy P. Ross
Cheryl Rossi
Linda Roth
Cynthia and Gerald Rothstein
Robert Rovezzi and Luc Fondaire
Ashley B. Rowe and Turi Rostad
Diana and Raymond Roy
Betty Ruddy
Judith Ruhm in memory of David Ruhm
John Russo
Diane and Michael Rybak
Susan and Ron Sadecki in honor of Jenna Sadecki
Elaine and Bruno Santoro in memory of Marie Bouchard
Richard and Marilyn Schatzberg
Linda and Herbert Schettler
Beth and Franz Schober
William R. Scoville CPA
Bradford Sedito
Denise Sehnal
J. Seitz & Co.
Loreen Sellitto
Mary Lou Serafini in memory of Rita Pacheco
Peggy and Michael Shanahan
Daniel Shaw and Ramon Moutala
Alan Shayne and Mr. Norman Sunshine
Doris Sibley
Penelope and Clement Sidlosky
Ariana Silvia
Bonnie Simon in memory of Frances Ducci
Lisa Lansing Simont and Doc Simont
Mary Lou and Ellery Sinclair
Nan Skeie
Sandy and David Slemmer
Pauline Smalley
Cameron Smith
Stewart Smith
Margaret Smith in memory of M. Willard “Wink” Lampe
Nancy and Andrew Smith in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Judith and George Smith
Emily Soell
Lisa and Michael Soliani
William Sonnenberg in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Noeleen and Paul Soraghan
Barbara Spiegel and Thomas Hodgkin
Laura Stancs
Sandra Lee Stark
Ronald and Marion Stein
Jannette Stevens
Frances and Mark Stoffer
Barbara Stone
Patricia Strawson
Kathleen and Stephen Stupak
Susan Suhanovsky
Superior Partners Marketing & Terminals LP
Susan and William Sweetman
Janice and George Szigeti
T100Toymakers, Inc.
Joanne and Richard H. Taber
Karen Tansey
Mary Tazzara
Susan and James Thebarge
Judith Theeb
Katharine Thompson
Edna and Frederick Tieman
Cathleen Todor
Torrington Municipal and Teachers Federal Credit Union
Torrington Sash and Door
Christine Tralongo and Allen Hirschman in memory of James Garfield
Lisa and Gerald Traub
Leticia and Harry Tubman
Rev. Robert F. Tucker
Tony's Coffee Express
Faye Tway-Grant
Rachel Tway-Grant and Junior English
Union Savings Bank
USA Hauling & Recycling, Inc.
Sandra and Stephen Vaill
Ruth B. Vaill
Louise and Roy Van Alstyne
Lesa Vanotti
Sally Vaun
Barbara Veerman
Maryann and John Videtto
Tom Villanova and Chris Moscarillo in memory of Jim Garfield
Kathryn Vinal
Heidi Vollmer
Darleene and Fredric Wadhams
Marie Wallace in memory of Laura Cleminshaw
Carol Walzer
Lee Ann Ward
Kathi Weinstein
Cynthia and William Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Whitehead in memory of Gloria Oneglia
Emma Williams
Jane Williams
The Hon. Roberta Willis and Mr. Bill Willis
State Representative David T. and  Lynne Wilson
Mary Winslow
Winsted Health Center Foundation
Judy and Robert Winters
Susannah and Willard Wood
Carol and James Wright
Amy Wynn and Eli Horowitz
Yoga Class
Therese and James Zagryn in memory of Laurie Fischberg

Other Gifts

More than $134,500 in anonymous gifts from community members

A gift in an anonymous amount from Jennifer Perga and Mike DeClement

More than $140,000 in gifts to The Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills
For a complete list of gifts, please contact The Center for Cancer Care, P.O. Box 1801, Litchfield, CT 06759

*For the establishment of a fund

Sandy and David Slemmer Protect our Natural Environment, Care for Wildlife

For years, Sandy Slemmer of Winsted enjoyed a career as a scientific researcher and later an information technology professional.

“I found that I kept looking out of the window,” said Sandy. “If I was in a conference room, I’d position myself so I could look out the window; I just wanted to be outside.”

When she could, Sandy and her husband, David, explored the Appalachian Trail in Kent, Great Mountain Forest in Falls Village, and the Housatonic River, and the surrounding areas. The two began to bicycle on the trails. They found new places, and began exploring the river with kayaks.

Eventually, Sandy answered the call of the wild, leaving her corporate office. She completed a master’s degree in environmental sciences at Western Connecticut State University and joined Sharon Audubon as a volunteer in the aviary.

Sandy and David Slemmer established The Northwest CT Community Foundation Elson-Slemmer Fund for the Environment.

The Donor-Advised Fund has supported the Sharon Audubon in the construction of new aviaries, supported technology upgrades to the weather station and internship program at Great Mountain Forest in Falls Village, and supported the Housatonic Valley Association in the development of trail maps for towns along the Housatonic River.

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Grant-Making Funds Help our Northwest Corner Thrive

The more than 286 funds with the Community Foundation address current and emerging needs in the areas of arts and culture, civic improvements, basic needs, animal care and conservation, and put education within reach for local students.

Discretionary Funds are a powerful means for donors to enable effective giving where and when it is most needed. Grants are awarded in the name of the fund to nonprofits chosen through a comprehensive selection process administered by the Community Foundation Board of Trustees.

Discretionary funds provide enormous impact in addressing current and emerging community needs, creating an unending philanthropic legacy for those who make these funds possible.

Bank of Boston Fund
Khurshed Bhumgara Fund
Brooks Bank Fund
John Brooks Fund
Fred and Josephine Bruni Fund
Robert Venn Carr, Jr. Fund
Marion Isabell Coe Fund
Eva M. Coty Fund
Ruth and Robert Cron Endowment Fund
Edward W. Diskavich Fund
Marion Wm. and Alice Edwards Fund
First National Bank of Litchfield Fund
Fleet General Fund
Lucia Tuttle Fritz Fund
Carlton D. Fyler and Jenny R. Fyler Fund
Keroden Endowed Fund
Northwest Connecticut Philanthropy Fund
Pierpont Chapter #49 Order of the Eastern Star Fund
Edwin M. Stone and Edith H. Stone Fund
Torrington Club Fund
Torrington Savings Bank Fund
Torrington Savings Fund
Margaret C. Tupper Fund
Feliciano and Lydia Turri Zaccheo Fund

Field of Interest Funds enable annual grants to address specific issues within communities important to the fundholder. Based on personal philanthropic goals, fundholders determine grant recipient eligibility requirements—geographic area of service or specific community needs, such as arts enrichment, homelessness or the environment—and the Community Foundation annually provides carefully selected grants in the fund’s name that best reflect fundholders’ charitable goals.

1421 Opportunity Fund
Roberta Lee August Fund
Miriam Mason Cable Trust Fund
Caleb J. Camp Trust
Robert V. Carr Fund
Cynthia Conklin & Family Fund For Pets in Need
Critter Fund
The Emeritus Fund
Friends Helping Children Fund

Jim and Nancy Garfield Compassion Fund, Est. 2019 - This Field-of-Interest Fund established by long-time Torrington residents, Jim and Nancy Garfield, assists the most vulnerable citizens of Torrington by supporting immediate basic needs, including rent, food, heating, utilities, elderly and child care, medical expenses and disaster-recovery assistance.

​Anson and Caroline Catlin Hungerford Trust Fund
The MacCallum Family Fund for Animal Welfare
The Making Cents Fund
New Hartford Village Cemetery Fund
Louis O. Thibeault Fund for the Advancement of Children’s Education
Mary C. Williams Fund

Donor-Advised Funds are a popular means for donors to create greater, longer-lasting impact in their charitable giving. A far more cost-effective and tax beneficial alternative to establishing a private foundation, donor-advised funds are often established through gifts of stock or other appreciated assets. Fundholders or their designated successors recommend grants to nonprofit organizations of their choice, while the Community Foundation manages all aspects of administering the fund and overseeing the prudent investment of the fund’s assets.

Borghesi Family Fund
Susan A. Bruso Memorial Fund
The Buchanan Fund
The Canaan Foundation Non-Endowed Fund
Peter G. Cerruto Memorial Fund
Jeannine and Gerald Coutu Memorial Fund
Draper Foundation Fund
The Echo Valley Foundation Fund
Elson-Slemmer Fund for the Environment
Friends of New Hartford Fund
Jim & Nancy Garfield Fund for the Arts
Richard M. Gilman Memorial Fund
The Wayne M. Gnazzo & Family Fund
Sue Grossman Still River Greenway Fund
The Jeff and Diane Johnson Community Enhancement Fund
Jeffrey and Susan Lalonde Community Betterment Fund

Barbara D. Lemmen Fund, Est. 2019 - Established in honor of Barbara D. Lemmen, this endowed fund encourages and advances careers in medicine and medical research, science, technology, engineering, and math, and supports pediatric medical research and treatments.

Richard Leone COCC Fund

Litchfield Bancorp Board of Directors Advised Fund, Est. 2019 - This Donor-Advised Fund supports the charitable, scientific or educational initiatives in Northwest Connecticut.

The Merz Family Fund
Miles for Moe Fund
Robert C. Miller and Carol H. Miller Fund
The Cara and Carl Muller Fund for Community Support
New Hartford Education Fund
Norfolk NET Fund
Northwest Building Healthier Communities Fund
Northwest Hills Fuel Bank Fund
The Molly O’Connell Fund
One Twenty One Fund
Brian J. O’Neil Memorial Fund
Barbara Oneglia Alvarez Tycienski Fund
Robert B. and Cheryl Freehill Pauls Fund
Andrew Pike Memorial Fund
PLK Fund
John A. Ponte Memorial Fund
Rebensacla Fund
Virginia and Joseph Ruwet Fund
Scanlan Family Fund
Nolin Selby Fund

Marlene & Chris Smith Family Fund - Established by a local philanthropic family, this non-endowed donor-advised fund supports various charitable initiatives in Northwest Connecticut.

Polly and Wesley Strand and James L. Holmes Fund for Programs for Women and Children
Torrington-Winsted Rotary Non Endowed Fund
Seth L. Tracy Memorial Fund for Special Needs
The G&G Educational Foundation Edward and Rachel Wang Family Fund
The G&G Educational Foundation James P. Wang Family Fund
The G&G Educational Foundation Jo Wang and Kiau Loi Family Fund
The G&G Educational Foundation Nancy A. Wang Family Fund
​The Women & Girls Fund
Youth Fund
T.J. Zappulla Fund

Designated Funds are established to provide grants to specified nonprofit organizations. Often created by bequest, these funds ensure a steady stream of annual income to the fundholders’ favorite nonprofit organizations for as long as the nonprofit continues in the effective pursuit of its mission.

Mary H. Coutant Fund for Rising Star Camp
Gillian and Polly Fund
Dr. John S. Glenn Fund for Nurses
Holley-Doremus Fund
Litchfield Community Center Music Fund
TAPSG Marion Muschell Award

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) provide income for donors and/or their family members for a fixed number of years. Then, the balance is transferred to the Community Foundation to be used toward donor’s charitable interests.

Joshua Girolimon CRT Fund
Frank and Vivienne Vanoni CRT Fund

Dr. Frank Vanoni is the first to say that without the help he received all along the line—from inspiring teachers at Torrington High School, from the Charles Brooker Scholarship Fund, that put Yale University within reach, from the Torrington physicians who welcomed the young doctor back, and from his late wife, Vivienne—he could never have had the rich and rewarding life that he has enjoyed.

He believes he owes much to the community that nurtured him, and now that he has retired from his long medical career, he has arranged to give something back in the form of a charitable remainder trust (CRT).

CRTs provide income—usually to the donor or members of his or her family—either for life or for a specific period of time, after which what remains is turned over to a designated charity.

“My father died when I was twelve, “Dr. Vanoni said. ”My mother did her best, but we didn’t have much. Without the intellectual support of those early teachers and the financial help from Charles Brooker, I could not have hoped to pursue my dream to be a doctor.”

The Northwest CT Community Foundation Frank and Vivienne Vanoni CRT Fund will give back to the community through grants far, far into the future.

“It’s a very satisfying way to say ‘thank you’” said Dr. Vanoni.

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Grants That Make Good

Through the generosity of fundholders, fund advisors and donors, $3,982,320 in grants were awarded in support of programs and capital needs to support local nonprofits working hard to improve lives and strength communities. In 2019, grants were awarded to the following organizations:

After School Arts Program
American Friends Service Committee
American Whitewater
The American Mural Project
Amnesty International
Angioma Alliance
Asian Americans Advancing Justice, AAJC
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus
Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center
Asian Women’s Shelter
Audubon Sharon
Author’s Guild Foundation
Batcheller Early Education Center
Beardsley & Memorial Library
Bethlehem Ambulance Association, Inc.
Botelle Elementary School
Cameron House Foundation
Canaan Child Care Center, Inc.
Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills
Can’d Aid
Canton Board of Education
Caring For Bethlehem
Catholic Charities, Inc., Family Service Center
Center for Asian American Media
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Administration
Children’s Center of New Milford
Chinatown Community Development Center
Chinese Museum Foundation
Chore Service, Inc.
Church of Christ Congregational Norfolk
City of Torrington
Civic Life Project
Clinic for Special Children
CMHA/ Northwest Center for Family Service & ME
Colebrook (town of)
Colebrook Associates, Inc.
Colebrook Congregational Church
Colebrook Historical Society
Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra
Community Food Bank
Community Kitchen of Torrington
Connecticut Association for Human Services
Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness
Connecticut Farmland Trust
Connecticut Food Bank
Cornell University for the Cornell Feline Health Center College of Vet Medicine
The Corner Food Pantry
Cornwall Historical Society
Cornwall Library Association
Cornwall Social Services
Covenant to Care for Children
Crescendo, Inc.
CT 4-H Foundation, Inc.
CT Credit Union Charitable Foundation
CT Public Affairs Network
CT Women’s Education and Legal Fund
David M. Hunt Library
Discovery Land Co. Foundation
Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres
Easter Seals of Greater Waterbury
Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities
Edward E. Sullivan Senior Center
Equal Justice Initiative
Falls Village Emergency Relief/Fuel Fund
Falls Village Senior Center
Falls Village Volunteer Fire Department
Family & Children’s Aid, Inc.
Family Strides, Inc.
FISH of Northwestern Connecticut
Fishes & Loaves Food Pantry
Five Points Gallery
FOCUS Center for Autism
Food Rescue US
Paul H. Foeller, O.D. (eye glasses/therapy)
Friendly Hands Food Bank, Inc.
Friends of Goshen Public Library
Germantown Friends School
Germantown Monthly Meeting
Goshen Community Care & Hospice
Goshen Good Neighbor Fund
Goshen Historical Society
Goshen Land Trust
Great Mountain Forest Corporation
Greenwoods Counseling Referrals
Greenwoods Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
Hands of Grace
Harwinton Historical Society
Harwinton Land Conservation Trust
Health Access Sumbawa
Heartspace LLC
Helping Hands Chore Service
Heritage Land Preservation Trust, Inc.
Hispanic Federation
Hole In The Wall Gang Camp
Hotchkiss Library of Sharon
Housatonic Child Care Center
Housatonic Valley Association
Housatonic Valley Regional High School
Housatonic Youth Service Bureau
Innocence Project
Institute for American Indian Studies
Institute for Justice
International Students, Inc.
Joyful Noise, Inc.
Junior Achievement of South West New England
Junior Women’s Club of Litchfield Hills
Kent Social Services
Kent Chamber of Commerce Inc.
Kent Library Association
KidsPlay Children’s Museum
Kitty Quarters, Inc.
Lake Waramaug Task Force
Lakeville Hose Company
LARC, Inc.
Last Post Cat Refuge (Vivisection Investigation League)
The Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library
Litchfield Community Center, Inc.
Litchfield County Choral Union
Litchfield Department of Social Services
Litchfield Hills Chore Service
Litchfield Hills Elderly Nutrition Program
Litchfield Patriots, Inc.
Litchfield Performing Arts
Literacy Volunteers on the Green
Little Britches Therapeutic Riding
Little Guild of Saint Francis
Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
Make It Clear Ministries
Maria Seymour Brooker Memorial
Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation
McCall Center for Behavioral Health
Mental Health Education Collaborative
Migrant Legal Action Program, Inc.
Millerton Veterinary Practice
Museum of Chinese in America
Music Mountain
NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund
National Education for Assistance Dog Services, Inc
New Beginnings of Northwest Hills Litchfield County, Inc.
New Hartford Lions Charities Inc
New Hartford PTO
New Hartford Village Cemetery
New Opportunities Inc.
Norfolk (town of)
Norfolk Connecticut Children’s Foundation, Inc.
North Canaan Social Services
Northwest Connecticut Arts Council
Northwest Connecticut Chamber Education Foundation, Inc.
Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce
Northwest CT Community Foundation
Northwest Connecticut YMCA
Northwest Hills Council of Governments
Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board
Northwestern Connecticut Community College
Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory for the Arts
NYC Impact Sports, Inc
Oberlin Shansi
Old Bethlem Historical Society Inc.
Old Friends, Inc
Oliver Wolcott Library, Inc.
Operation Overflow
Ox-Fam America
Partners for Sustainable Healthy Communities
Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund Inc
Pilobolus, Inc.
Planned Parenthood of Southern New England
Prime Time House
Project A.L.S.
Random Hacks of Kindness Junior, Inc.
Rapid Results Institute
Reason Foundation
Rotary Foundation of the Torrington Winsted Area
Running Start - Bringing Young Women to Politics
Salisbury (town of)
Salisbury Family Services, Inc.
Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association
Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service
Salvation Army of Torrington
Salvation Army Winsted Regional Service Center
Salvation Army
Sand Road Animal Hospital, LLC.
Scoville Memorial Library Association
Sharon Community Foundation, Inc.
Sharon Day Care
Sharon Fire Department, Inc.
Smithsonian APA
SOAR Educational Enrichment Inc.
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Stamford Hospital Foundation
StayWell Health Care Inc.
Susan B. Anthony Project
The Torrington Library
Tiverton Land Trust
Torrington Area Youth Service Bureau
Torrington Football Letterman’s Club
Torrington Historical Society
Torrington Parks & Recreation Dept.
Torrington Police Department
Torrington Public Schools
Torrington Raider Football, Inc.
Torrington Varsity Alumni Club
Torrington Winsted Area Rotary Club
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Lime Rock Episcopal Church
Tri-State Center For the Arts, Inc.
Tufts University, Cummings School of Veterinarian Medicine
Turks and Caicos Reef Fund
United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
United Church of Christ in Cornwall
United Congregational Church
United East Athletics Association (UEAA)
United Way of Northwest Connecticut, Inc.
University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Visiting Nurse Services of Connecticut – Torrington
VNA Northwest, Inc.
Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires Inc.
W. L. Gilbert Trust Corporation
Wamogo Regional High School
Warm the Children
Warner Theatre
Warren Land Trust
Warren Public Library
Warren Social Services
We Adopt Greyhounds, Inc.
Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust
West Hartford Public Schools Foundation Inc
Wheels of Opportunity
Winchester (town of)
Winchester Center Congregational Church
Winchester Youth Service Bureau
Winsted Area Child Care Center
Winsted Health Center Foundation
Winsted Senior Center and Senior Enrichment Program
Winsted United Methodist Church
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
Women’s Support Services
Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue

Cara and Carl Muller Give Back to the Community they Love

PHOTO CAPTION: Friendly Hands Food Bank volunteers prepare for a Thanksgiving feast and stock their shelves for those who need a little help this holiday season. Nonprofits providing for basic needs, including access to nutritious food, receive support through Community Foundation discretionary funds, such as the Cara and Carl Muller Fund for Community Support.

For Cara and Carl Muller, there is no place like home. Home is, and always will be, Torringon, Conn. Carl, a Torrington native, and Cara, who grew up in Hartsdale, NY, met while attending New England College in New Hampshire. The two married in 1971, and opened the first of many successful businesses in Torrington: The Spring Tree Lounge on South Main Street, followed by Carl’s True Value on North Elm Street, and Carl’s Carpeting on Winsted Road.

Over decades of managing businesses in Torrington, the Mullers regularly donated to local school PTOs, Cub Scouts, and fire department fundraisers and supported the Community Kitchen of Torrington.

“We have been in business in Torrington for more than 40 years,” said Carl.

“The town has always supported us in our businesses. And, we have always supported local town fundraisers. They need the support.”

“The people and organizations in this town are gracious and generous,” said Carl. “The community has always supported us. It’s time to give back to the community.”

The Mullers established the Northwest CT Community Foundation Cara and Carl Muller Fund for Community Support. Through their Donor-Advised fund, the Mullers support projects and causes that reflect their love of Torrington.

“Our fund is our third child,” said Carl. “There are plenty of areas in the world that need assistance,” said Cara. “But there is nothing like giving back to the people in your own community."

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Investment Report

The Northwest CT Community Foundation prides itself on providing prudent stewardship of a sizeable community endowment designed to benefit future generations of Northwest Connecticut citizens. Our investment objective is to maximize the endowment’s purchasing power by pursuing long-term investment results that exceed the annual spending policy—the amount needed for grants and expenses—plus inflation. This allows for sufficient and predictable growth to meet pressing community needs while providing capital preservation into the future.

The oversight and assessment of the Foundation’s investments are conducted by its Board of Directors and Investment Committee. Dedicated to the pursuit of strong returns within acceptable risk tolerances, the Investment Committee employs an asset-allocation strategy designed to capitalize on a welldiversified portfolio that performs well during a variety of market and economic conditions. In doing so, the Investment Committee considers past and expected future performance of available asset classes, including investment strategies of other community foundations, nonprofit endowments and charitable funds, along with a variety of widely accepted performance benchmarks.

The 10-year net annual corporate return ending December 31, 2019, is 8.5

RETURNS (Net of Investment Manager Fees)

For a complete set of audited financial statements, Form 990 or for information about our investment policies and/or our Investment Committee, visit northwestcf.org

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Audited Financials

For the year ending December 2019, with comparable totals for 2018


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Scholarship and Academic Funds Create a Brighter Future

Scholarship and Academic Award Funds are established to support educational purposes. Fundholders can restrict a scholarship fund to students attending a specific educational institution or pursuing specific courses of study. Community Foundation staff work with guidance counselors and coaches to locate eligible students, facilitate the application process and award recipients.

Mary Ellen Adamo Scholarship Fund
Anthony: “Frank” Amicone Memorial Scholarship Fund
Russell Anderson, Carmen Brooks Anderson, and Henry Vail Brooks Scholarship Fund
Stephen G. Andre Memorial Scholarship Fund
Regina Tate Balfe Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Betsy L. Bertoli Scholarship Fund
Khurshed Bhumgara Fund
David R. Bennett Scholarship Fund
Russell F. Bruno Scholarship Fund
Jack and Ruth Calder Scholarship Fund
Mae Casali Bonvicini Scholarship Fund
Erman Cavagnero Memorial Scholarship Fund
Steven A. Chupka Memorial Scholarship Fund
Tim Considine Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dick Cooke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fred J. Coffin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Shawn Collins Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Student Grants Fund
Eva M. Coty Memorial Scholarship Fund
Helen H. Dautrich Scholarship Fund
John Denza Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edward W. Diskavich Scholarship Fund
Cornelius Donahue Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert G. Doyle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Frances H. Ducci Scholarship Fund
East School Robert Kelly Scholarship Fund
Marion Wm. Edwards Scholarship Fund
Bob and Ray Good Scholarship Fund
Florence Hakalski Scholarship Fund
Michael G. Haschak Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth & Santo Fainelli Scholarship Fund
Joseph Farrington Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kathleen T. Finn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles and Pierina Fossati Scholarship Fund
Helen and Mario Garbin Scholarship
Health Care Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
Italian-American Republican Club Scholarship Fund
Diane and Jeff Johnson Scholarship Fund
Earle R. Julian Scholarship Fund
Frank Kalinowski Memorial Scholarship Fund

I sincerely appreciate your generosity through the Apolonia Stanulis Scholarship and hope that one day I will be able to help patients live better lives in the same way that you have helped me achieve my goals. - pre-medical student

Robert J. Lariviere, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Torrington Lithuanian Mutual Benefit Club Scholarship Fund
Robert C. & Margaret G. Lizotte Art Scholarship Fund
Julia McDonnell/Henry Fries Scholarship Fund
Frank “Frankie” J. McGowan, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
John A. and Ann K. Mettling Scholarship Fund

John J. and Anne M. Milewski Scholarship Fund, Est. 2019 - Established in honor of John J. and Anne M. Milewski, this fund awards scholarships annually to a Torrington High School graduate who has played a varsity sport and a Torrington High School graduate majoring in education or in a medical-related field.

Kenneth K. Mills Scholarship Fund

Donald F. and Norma K. Mougenot Scholarship Fund, Est. 2019 - Established by Donald F. Mougenot through his estate planning, this scholarship fund supports the educational goals of graduates of Torrington High School, Torrington Christian Academy, Oliver Wolcott, Region 7, and The Gilbert School with preference given to students who have graduated from St. Francis/St. Peter School.

James Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund
Victor Muschell, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
North School PTO Scholarship Fund
Nursing/Industrial Arts Scholarship Fund
Piemontese Club Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michele Farley Pittler Scholarship Fund
Friends of John Ponte Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leonard Rendino Scholarship Fund
Joseph and Bernice Repas Scholarship Fund
Margaret Ringstad Riefe Scholarship Fund
The Rivera Family Fund for Arts and Music
Dr. Shenoi & Family Scholarship Fund
Alan Silano Memorial Scholarship Fund

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Edward W. Diskavich Scholarship. This opportunity means the world to me. - social work student

Arthur R. Smith Scholarship Fund
Southwest School Scholarship in memory of Marion Wm. Edwards Fund
Jeff Stannard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nellie J. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Apolonia Stanulis Scholarship Fund
Student Council Scholarship Fund, Torrington
Mariantonia Tate Memorial Allied Health Scholarship Fund
Temkin Family Valedictory Award Fund
Albert C. and Rose Turri Scholarship Fund
Torrington UNICO Foundation Scholarships
Frederick J. Wilcox Sportsmanship Scholarship Fund
The United Nations Association of Connecticut Scholarship Fund
Westside School Association/Harry Arsego Memorial Scholarship Fund
James P. and Mildred Gregg Zucco Scholarship Fund

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Agency Funds Strengthen Local Nonprofits

Agency Funds are established by nonprofits to support their charitable needs. The Community Foundation handles the management and stewardship of their charitable assets to enable a stable source of revenue for the nonprofit at a low cost. This frees the nonprofit and its board of directors to concentrate on the pursuit of the nonprofit’s charitable mission.

American Legion Post 46 Fund for Goshen Community Care and Hospice, Inc
Susan B. Anthony Project Capital Improvement Reserve Fund
Susan B. Anthony Project Endowment Fund
The Beekley Library Capital Fund
The Beekley Library Future Building Construction Fund
The Licia Beekley Garden and Winar Piano Fund
The Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library Endowment Fund
Lee Tangarone Memorial Fund for Children’s Programs and Collections
The Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills
Chore Service Endowment Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Bennett Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Brokaw Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Cooley Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Dodd Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Endowment Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Fox/Lane Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust General Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Hare Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Hart Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Hofer Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Ives Stewardship Fund

Cornwall Conservation Trust Matland Stewardship Fund, Est. 2019 - Cornwall Conservation Trust Funds are used for land acquisition and management with the aim of preserving unspoiled open space for the benefit of the community at large.

Cornwall Conservation Trust Operating Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Prud’homme Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Rattlesnake Preserve Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Reserve Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Rogers Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Selby Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Trinity Forest Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust VanValkenburgh/Burkardt Stewardship Fund
Cornwall Conservation Trust Walker Stewardship Fund
The Cornwall Foundation General Fund
Cornwall Historical Society-Norman Dorsen Fund
Cornwall Historical Society Endowment Fund
Cornwall Library Fund
Friends of Hospice Endowment Fund
Friends of Hospice Mildred S. Pascale Fund
Friends of Hospice Rockefeller Fund
Matthew Flor Endowment Fund

Foundation for Norfolk Living Fund, Est. 2019 - This Fund supports the charitable mission of the Foundation for Norfolk Living.

Goshen Community Care and Hospice Fund
Goshen Historical Society Capital Fund
Goshen Historical Society Endowment Fund
Goshen Land Trust Endowment Fund
Goshen Public Library Endowment Fund
Bernice H. Harmon Hospice Fund
Harwinton Library Friends Fund
Harwinton Library Friends-Stasia Motuzick Endowment Fund
Heritage Land Preservation Trust Endowment Fund
Heritage Land Preservation Trust Fund
Heritage Land Preservation Trust Northwoods Fund
Highland Lake Watershed Association Fund
Theodore A. Hungerford Memorial Museum Association Endowment Fund
The D.M. Hunt Fund

The HYSB Fund, Est. 2019 - This fund was established by the Housatonic Youth Service Bureau to further its mission of strengthening the emotional health of youth and families by providing free behavioral health services and employment programs in partnership with public schools, local organizations, donors, and volunteers in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.

The Institute for American Indian Studies Fund

Kent Community Fund, Est. 2019 - This fund supports the charitable mission of its namesake the Kent Community Fund, a nonprofit organization that assists Kent citizens experiencing economic difficulties and supports charitable programs serving the citizens of Kent.

Kent Library Association Endowment Fund, Est. 2019 - This endowed agency fund was established by the Kent Library Association to further its charitable mission of enriching individuals and the community by providing materials, programs, and services to encourage reading, learning and imagination.

Litchfield Community Center Legacy Fund
Litchfield Community Center Reserve Fund
Litchfield Garden Club Centennial Fund

Litchfield Montessori School Fund, Est. 2019
The Adam and Aaron Kovalchik Fund for Education at Litchfield Montessori School, Est. 2019
- These funds support the mission of the Litchfield Montessori School—serving the whole child, guided by the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, dedicated to nurturing the child’s love of learning, preserving the child’s sense of wonder, encouraging independence and fostering respect for our world’s social and cultural diversity.

The Little Guild Endowment Fund
The Little Guild Operational Fund

New England Airedale Rescue Fund, Est. 2019 - This endowed agency fund furthers the charitable mission of New England Airedale Rescue to assist Airedales in need and work cooperatively so that no Airedale in the United States experiences homelessness.

New Hartford Historical Society Funds, Est 2019 - New Hartford Historical Society Endowment Fund,  New Hartford Historical Society Fund These agency funds further the charitable mission of the New Hartford Historical Society to exhibit and preserve materials relating to the history of New Hartford.

Norfolk Connecticut Children’s Foundation Fund
Northwestern CT YMCA Designated Project Fund
Northwestern CT YMCA Endowment Fund
Northwestern CT YMCA Fund
Northwestern CT YMCA Youth Leadership Fund
Railroad Museum of New England – Hazel Koch Fund
The River Stewards of Tomorrow Fund
The Sharon Ambulance Fund
Sharon Community Foundation Fund
Sharon Fire Department John Morgan Fund
Sharon Fire Department Operations Fund
Sharon Land Trust Mary Moore Fund
Sharon Land Trust Endowment Fund
Sharon Land Trust Quick Strike Acquisition Fund
Sharon Land Trust Stewardship & Protection Fund
The Sharon Woman’s Club Scholarship Fund
The Taconic Learning Center Fund
Torrington Veteran’s Memorial Wall Fund
United Way of Northwest Connecticut’s “1943 Society” Fund
United Way of Northwest CT Unrestricted Operating Fund
VNA Northwest Endowment Fund
The Warner Theatre Sustainability Fund
The Warner Theatre Sustainability Fund – Non Endowed
Warren Public Library Fund
Washington Art Association Capital Campaign Fund
Washington Art Association, Inc. Endowment Fund
Washington Art Association, Inc. Fund
Washington Garden Club Investment Fund
Winchester Land Trust Fund
Winsted Area Child Care Center Endowment Fund
Winsted Health Center Foundation Fund
Wisdom House Endowment Fund
YMCA Camp Mohawk Arlene Foulds Memorial Fund
YMCA Camp Mohawk Cindy Morse Leadership Development Fund

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Supporting Organizations – Effective Forces for Good

Supporting Organizations are similar to private foundations in that they operate with a separate board of directors with grant-making responsibilities, but because they operate under the “umbrella” of the Community Foundation, they operate more efficiently and with the benefits of a public charity. Directors enjoy a high amount of involvement in their philanthropy while benefiting from the Community Foundation’s grant and investment expertise and administrative support.

Foundation For Community Health supports organizations that work to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of residents* served by Sharon Hospital and organizations that provide community healthcare services within those areas. *Canaan, Cornwall, Cornwall Bridge, Warren, East Canaan, Falls Village, Goshen, Kent, Lakeville, Lime Rock, Norfolk, Salisbury, Sharon, South Kent, Taconic, West Cornwall in Connecticut, as well as the New York communities of Amenia, Ancram, Ancramdale, Copake, Copake Falls, Dover Plains, Millbrook, Millerton, Pine Plains, Stanfordville, Wassaic and Wingdale.

In 2019 Foundation For Community Health supported the following organizations:

Greenwoods Counseling Referrals
​Health Pathfinder

The John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation was created for the purpose of protecting and improving the welfare of animals of all kinds with a focus on cats and dogs, the promotion of veterinary programs, and the protection of wildlife, including endangered species, flora and fauna.

In 2019 The John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation supported the following organizations:

ASPCA New York
Biodiversity Research Institute
Connecticut Humane Society
Connecticut River Conservancy
Cornwall Conservation Trust, Inc.
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Franklin Land Trust
Little Guild of Saint Francis
Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue
The Nature Conservancy
New England Federation of Humane Societies
Northwestern Connecticut Community College
​Salisbury Association, Inc.

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Board of Trustees, Committees, and Staff

Thank you to the community leaders who gave generously of their time to serve on the Northwest CT Community Foundation Board of Trustees and Committees in 2019.

In its Board of Trustees, the Northwest CT Community Foundation has an active governing body that is responsible not only for establishing the mission and strategic direction of the organization, but also is charged with oversight of its finances, operations and policies. The Board, which is independent and broadly representative of the people of the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated civic leadership in a variety of ways and who have a strong record of volunteer community service.

Board of Trustees

Anne Sutherland Fuchs, Chair
Adrian Selby, 1st Vice Chair
F. Robert Petricone, 2nd Vice Chair
Donald K. Mayland, Treasurer
Christopher Wall, Secretary
Anita Baxter
James Blackketter
Vincent Inconiglios
Gayle Moraski
Victor Muschell
Rod Pleasants
Lori Riiska
Norman “Skip” Rogers
Ronald S. Rosenstein
Barbara Spiegel

Development/Communications Committee

Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Anita Baxter
Tom Bechtle
Nicole Carlson Easley
Vincent Inconiglios
Bradford Hoar
Lori Riiska
Adrian Selby

50th Anniversary Committee

Anita Baxter
Nicole Carlson Easley
Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Adrian Selby
Christopher Wall

Executive Committee

Gayle Moraski
Douglas K. O’Connell
F. Robert Petricone
Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Christopher Wall

Grants and Program Committee

Jim Blackketter
Carol Lugar
Robert Petricone
Jan Rathbun
Julia Scharnberg
Lisa Lansing Simont
Barbara Spiegel
Christopher Wall

Governance Committee

Betsy Goff
Brian McCormick
Victor Muschell
Douglas K. O’Connell
Norman “Skip” Rogers
Ronald S. Rosenstein

Audit Committee

Jeffrey Lalonde
Donald Mayland
Lori Riiska

Investment Committee

James A. Thibault, Chairperson
Robert Geiger
Peter Menikoff
Barbara Millar
Keith Mullins
Lawrence Van Valkenburgh
Stacie Weiner

Scholarship Committee

Anita Baxter
Dorothea Bernbach
Jim Blackketter
Susan Bremer
Teresa Brennan
Frank Buonocore
David Carroll
Doreen Deary
Dennis Dressel
Nicole Carlson Easley
Jerry Easley
Maryellen Easley
Joel Easley
John Fabiaschi
Malcolm Forbes
Barbara Fradette
Leslie Friscia
Anne Sutherland Fuchs
Betsy Goff
Douglas Haddock
Lorraine Haddock
William Harding
Eli Horowitz
Sergei Kambalov
Ruth Keefe
Dennis Killian
Lisa King
Kathleen Kulig
Michael Lynch
Donald K. Mayland
Gayle Moraski
Maureen Nikora
Ed Noonan
Mary Pat Noonan
Joan O’Brien
Morgan O’Brien
Joe Pathe
Lisa Peccini
Bob Petricone
Dean Pergola
Guy Rovezzi
Patty Rovezzi
Robert Rovezzi
JoAnn Ryan
Julia Scharnberg
Christina Tranquillo
Marie Wallace
Harriett Weiss
Dan Whalen

Emeritus Society

James C. Allen
Ann Auburn
Roberta Lee August
Thomas Bechtle
Khurshed Bhumgara
Allan Borghesi
Alan Colavecchio
Robert Cron
Miki Duisterhof
Dan Dwyer
Charles Ebersol Sr.
Charles R. Ebersol Jr., Esq.
William G. Harding
Charles Hathaway
Ann Hubbard
John E. Janco
Jeffrey Lalonde
Donald Lewis
Carol S. Lugar
Marvin “Muff” Maskovsky
Brian McCormick, Esq.
Allen Nixon
Douglas K. O’Connell
Robert O’Connor
Roberta S. Ohotnicky, Ph.D.
James O’Leary
Cynthia Oneglia
Francis J. Oneglia
Frank Pascale
Victoria Patrick
E. Frederick Petersen Jr.
William Petricone
Rose Ponte
Lawrence V. Power
Jan Rathbun
Mary Lou Robinson
Margaret Roraback, Esq.
Robert Rovezzi
JoAnn Ryan
Helen Scoville
​George A. Strogatz
Alan Temkin
Alyson Thomson
Edward Thompson
Raymond Turri
John R. Ursone
Thomas Wall Sr.
Thomas F. Wall Jr.

Women & Girls Fund Executive Committee

Sandra Zielinski, Chair
Fran Stoffer, Vice Chair
Kathy Kinane, Secretary
Rachel Tway-Grant, Treasurer
Judi Armstrong
Alison Baxter Bannerman
Barbara Dughi
Maria Gonzalez
Kathy Minck
Dolores Raimo
Kathi Weinstein
Jane Williams


Guy Rovezzi, President and CEO
Lorraine Haddock, Assistant to the President
Bradford Hoar, Vice President of Philanthropic Services
Nicole Carlson Easley, Communications Director
Christina Tranquillo, Program and Communications Associate
Julia Scharnberg, Grants and Program Director
Leslie Friscia, Financial Director
Daniel Hare, Data and Gift Associate
Dorothea Bernbach, Program Officer, John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation

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