About Us

The structure of a community foundation is inspired: Create an endowment fund for the common good, invest it prudently, administer it wisely, and let the yield from the principal flow back to the community in the form of grants that help nonprofits meet community needs.

Each year since 1969, charitable people throughout Northwest CT have established permanent funds to support the causes and nonprofits they love.

Bringing together private philanthropy for the common good is the heart of community foundation work. When individual charitable funds are pooled together, their combined capacity to grow, thrive and achieve the best charitable impact for the fundholder substantially increases.

The potential for each fund is maximized when it is prudently invested within a larger corpus. This allows for capitalizing on investment opportunities and economies of scale that are unavailable to each fund individually. As the pool of funds increases, so do the benefits for each fund in the pool.



As your Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation, our mission is to enrich the quality of life for residents of our 20 town service area in Connecticut's Northwest Corner through the generosity of fundholders. We seek to enrich the quality of life for residents of Northwest Connecticut by inspiring local philanthropy, convening stakeholders in community welfare, strengthening the regional nonprofits network and fostering collaborative funding partnerships.

We work collaboratively with fund holders, donors and their attorneys and financial and estate planners on individual giving solutions that address donors' individual goals. Your fund could join more than 270 well-invested funds that combat hunger and homelessness, enable low-income children to visit museums and art galleries, build endowments for nonprofits of your choice, and send students from your high school to your alma mater. 

Founded | 1969
Current Assets | more than $128 million
Geographic Area | 20 towns in Northwest Connecticut
Funds under management | more than 280
2020 Scholarships Awarded | $175,000
2020 Grants Awarded | $3.7 million
2020 Gifts received | $4 million


  • Committed to the public good
  • Respectful of the worth and dignity of individuals
  • Dedicated to inclusiveness and social justice
  • Respectful of pluralism and diversity
  • Committed to the responsible stewardship of resources
  • Transparent, honest and accountable to the public, our donors and our fundholders

One of more than 700 community foundation’s nationwide, the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation was founded in 1969 by a small group of citizens with a $15,000 donation. They called their organization the Torrington Area Foundation for Public Giving. In 1990, Carlton D. and Jenny R. Fyler provided an unrestricted gift of one million dollars through their estate planning. Over the years, the general endowment grew to more than $10 million. Since then, community members and nonprofits have established and continue to contribute to more than 270 funds that support donor-inspired programs, fields of interest and specific nonprofits.

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