About Community Foundations

Community foundations serve the common good through an endowment comprised of funds. The endowment is prudently invested and administered wisely, and the yield from the endowment’s principal flows back to the community in the form of grants that help non-profits meet community needs.

Over time, the endowment continues to grow through investment, donations, and the establishment of new funds. So much more than a one-time contribution to a worthy cause, an endowed gift, regardless of size, continues to give Indefinitely, tripling from its initial financial gift over an average lifetime.

Community foundations bring together private philanthropy for the common good. When individual charitable funds are pooled together, their combined capacity to grow, thrive and achieve the best charitable impact for the fund-holder substantially increases.

The potential each fund holds for its designated purpose is maximized when the community foundation prudently invests the entire collection as one corpus, capitalizing on investment opportunities and economies of scale that are unavailable to each fund individually. As the pool of funds increases, so do the benefits for each fund in the pool.

Community Foundations are geographically based and specifically serve the charitable people, companies and nonprofits of their locale.

Community foundations: 

  • Help people with all small, moderate and great assets become philanthropists through named endowment funds. People can support the causes and organizations they care about and guarantee a charitable legacy in their community. 
  • Are community-governed, permanently endowed nonprofits that offer stability and independence unmatched by commercial, government and other non profits.
  • Are public charities with assets that reflect a broad cross-section of donors, not just a select few. Public charities offer a greater tax advantage for gifts than private foundations.
  • Enjoy relative independence to determine the best use of those funds to meet community needs
  • Are governed by a board of volunteers who are knowledgeable about their community and recognized for their involvement in civic affairs
  • Are dedicated to provide leadership on pervasive community problems
  • Are committed to assist donors to identify and attain their philanthropic goals
  • Adhere to a sense of community that overrides individual interests and concerns

The Council on Foundations evaluates its member community foundations through a comprehensive National Standards certification process. The Community Foundation is proud to be nationally certified.

Contact your Community Foundation staff at: (860) 626-1245