Corporate Partnerships


Over the course of four years, The State Auto Foundation of the State Auto Insurance Companies made $20,000 in contributions to the Women & Girls Fund at the Community Foundation to support marketing communication efforts that further the Fund’s mission to advance the welfare of local women and girls by supporting programs that address women’s needs and contribute to the welfare of children.

“State Auto has become an important partner in improving the lives of women in Northwest CT,” said Foundation President Guy Rovezzi. “Their continued support of the Women and Girls Fund has played a vital role in the growing effectiveness of the Fund.”

Based in Columbus, Ohio, the State Auto Insurance Group markets its products through more than 3,000 independent agencies in 33 states. Group assets are in excess of $3.25 billion with more than $1.5 billion in annual direct written premium.

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The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to work with local companies to develop customized corporate giving programs that align with the values and culture of individual companies. The right giving plan improves employee morale, builds brand visibility and recognition, fosters customer loyalty, and maximizes the impact of your company’s giving and its return in tax benefits.

Options include donor advised grant-making funds and private foundations. Companies often match employee contributions, and offer contributions as part of employee-reward programs.

85% of Americans say they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.

79% of consumers say they would switch brands or retailers based on associations with a good cause, when price and quality are equal.

Past. Present. Future. The 25th Anniversary of Cause Marketing Research Study. Cone Cause Evolution Study (2008)

Your Community Foundation manages all aspects of corporate giving, including:

  • Communicating with grant seekers
  • Identifying qualified and appropriate applicants through grant requests
  • Maintaining a database of all grant requests, grant awards and their status
  • Sending award letters (including formal terms and conditions agreement, payment schedule, and reporting procedures)
  • Processing and verify grant payments
  • Overseeing grantee accountability
  • Processing incoming gifts and pay grantees
  • Providing an online donation page with credit card donation capabilities
  • Providing contacts and information to support related internal and external marketing communications efforts

Contact your Community Foundation staff at: (860) 626-1245 to discuss your charitable giving options and goals.