Draper Foundation Fund

Jim and Shirley Draper of Colebrook

Jim and Shirley DraperJim and Shirley Draper of Colebrook were well known for their kindness and humility. During their lives, they supported many community organizations and educational institutions, foregoing affluence to provide for the needs of their community.

In 2010, the Drapers left their final and perpetual gift, a $30 million endowment to establish a donor-advised fund that supports in perpetuity 19 area non-profits chosen by the Drapers.

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Jim and Shirley Draper were renowned for their love of community.  The Draper Foundation Fund was established posthumously in 2011 as a $30 million endowment. The Fund benefits 19 nonprofits named by the Drapers. According to the Drapers' wishes, these charities receive regular distributions from the Fund, providing a sustainable and dependable source of support in perpetuity.

Additionally, donor-advised grants of lesser amounts are awarded annually to nonprofits in the towns of Torrington, Winsted, Norfolk, Colebrook, New Hartford, and Barkhamsted at the discretion of the Fund advisors, Draper Foundation Fund advisors who are not members of The Community Foundation's board of directors. Applications for donor-advised grants are accepted by invitation only.

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