2018 Leadership Enrichment for Advancing Professionals (LEAP)

LEAP 1.0 & LEAP 2.0 will be presented by Danosky & Associates, LLC (D&A) and consist of 7 four-hour sessions and 1 six-hour session designed to build a foundation of skills and awareness. D&A facilitators share their experience, expertise, and insights while engaging the proficiencies of all participants; this happens in presentations, group discussions, research and case study analysis, simulations, home assignments, and action-planning activities. The immediacy of the learning experience encourages thoughtful application and experimentation with ideas and best practices. During the 7 four-hour sessions, 3 hours will be instruction and the last hour will be for LEAPERS to discuss the content amongst one-another with D&A facilitators available to answer any questions.

Each session affords the learning-leader the opportunity to take useful, positive actions back to their home shop: 1) apply new skills; 2) utilize new knowledge; 3) moderate incremental change; 4) address transformational change; 5) engage in short- and long-term planning; 6) share content with board and staff; and 7) discuss and share what they have learned together with their fellow LEAPERS. D&A facilitators offer continuity throughout the comprehensive workshop series by providing a platform for appropriate change and incremental improvements through active leadership. Relevant literature and information will also be provided for participants to delve further into the subject matter in addition to what will be presented at the workshops.

LEAP 1.0 Sessions:
Leadership - an Era of New Opportunities
Engage Boards - Strategy, Advocacy & Impact
Tomorrow’s Vision - Today’s Plan
Financial - How Can We Pull This Off
Fundraising - Seizing the Opportunity
Your People & The Work They Do
Communications - Urgency, Issues & Impact
Putting it all Together

LEAP 2.0 Proposed Learning Modules:
Prerequisite: Senior Executive Directors who have been in their positions for a number of years and may have more experience than what is offered through LEAP. This would also include LEAP graduates.

Workshops will be tailored to the specific requirements of the group that will be participating in this LEAP session. The workshops will be drawn from the following topics:
LEADERSHIP: Adaptive Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Succession Planning
BOARDS: Strategic & Generative , Governance-Beyond Diversity, Building the Board
STRATEGY & COLLABORATION: Alternative Models, Generating Results, Collective Impact
FINANCIAL: Integrated Business, Financial Modeling
ORGANIZATION: Systems Assessments, Building a Bench
COMMUNICATIONS: Comprehensive Marketing , Strategy, New Media and Video

Approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of the workshop series, D&A will send out a survey to the group of individuals that have signed up for LEAP 2 inquiring about specific areas they wish to pursue as well as information about their own organizations. This information will be confidential. One month prior to the workshop series, D&A will facilitate a focus group with all accepted applicants for LEAP 2.0 to discuss the course outline in greater detail and tailor it specifically to what they need and want to learn.

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What LEAP Graduates are Saying

LEAP 1.0 will run on a bi-weekly schedule on Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. to begin in the Spring of 2018. It will alternate weeks with LEAP 2.0. D&A is willing to address the specific date if a majority of LEAP candidates prefer a different date. This can be identified in the application.

LEAP 2.0 will run on a bi-weekly schedule on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. to begin in the Spring of 2018. It will alternate weeks with LEAP 2.0. (The day of the week can be modified dependent on participants’ preference.)

LEAP 1.0 - $2,000 per participant. A second participant from the same organization can attend at a discounted rate of $1,200. $1,000 foundation-matching grants are available by request, reducing the cost to $1,000 per participant or $600 for the second participant. Additional grants may be available.

LEAP 2.0 - $2,000 per participant. $1,000 foundation-matching grants are available by request, reducing the cost to $1,000 per participant. In addition, participants may bring an additional guest from their organization for a specific workshop at a cost of $250 per person per workshop. Additional grants may be available.


LEAP 1.0 Application

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Please upload completed applications with required signatures:

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Julie Scharnberg
Grant and Program Director
P.O. Box 1144
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