Census Training Materials Available for Nonprofits

Every 10 years, the United States government conducts the Census - a national accounting of everyone living in every state. The census helps create accurate population numbers and determines the allocation of hundreds of millions of federal dollars, where new infrastructure is built, and what kind of representation each locale has in elections at every level.

The Census is important to your nonprofit and to those you serve because:

  • Every person counted in your community impacts ten years of funding, representation and allocation of public services and infrastructure.
  • Census data affects political representation. Census numbers re-draw boundaries for congressional districts, state senate districts, state house districts, city councils, county boards and more.
  • Governments and businesses use census numbers to plan locations for schools, transit and retail outlets.
  • The census has historically undercounted certain communities of color, low-income households, immigrants, and young children.

Tools are available to help your nonprofit ensure that every one counts and that everyone is counted. These tools are provided by Census Counts, a collaborative campaign involving more than 15 national organizations and dozens of community partners in more than 30 states working together to make sure that the 2020 Census is fair and accurate—so that our communities do not miss out on the political power they deserve and the resources their communities have earned.

For short videos about reaching out via Social Media, Email, text messaging, Digital Ads, and Search Engine Optimization, visit http://bit.ly/CensusCountsVideos.

Census Counts also provides five one-hour online trainings on census digital outreach strategies:

Crafting Your Census Campaign Plan (July 24, 4pm ET)
This training will guide you through the process of building a strategic census campaign plan. The Crafting Your Census Campaign Plan training will walk you through a strategic planning framework to focus your organization’s census mission, goal, strategy and tactics. The training will also cover targeting tools, program measurement and budget plans. Through participation in the training, you will be equipped to take census planning to the next level with a Census Campaign Planning Template.

Assessing Your Digital Readiness for GOTC (August 13, 3pm ET)
This training will introduce you to digital organizing tactics, tools and strategies for effectively mobilizing populations to complete the 2020 census. The training will cover how to do a “digital inventory” of your current skills, capacity, and budget at your organization. You will match your Get Out the Count (GOTC) goals with digital strategies and tools and gain clarity on which approaches match the success of your team’s objectives and capacity.

Content Strategy for HTC Communities (September 10, 3pm ET)
This training will provide scalable guidance for creating your hard-to-count (HTC) outreach messaging strategy and introduce a digital content distribution plan for effectively engaging HTC communities. The training will help you develop a self-response ladder of engagement, build effective messaging strategies for HTC communities, and provide guidance for how your volunteers can generate new distributive content. You will also learn how to most effectively translate content that you’ve already developed for the census onto digital platforms.

Developing Your Hard to Count List (September 25, 3pm ET)
While there are many similarities to a good voter outreach program, GOTC 2020 has its own unique set of challenges and nuances. Successful efforts must take crucial differences into account. This training will provide you with guidance on HTC targeting and clear insights on the pros and cons of various approaches (i.e., using a voter file). It will review ways to analyze a current list as well as the benefits and challenges of popular methods to grow an HTC list. Additionally, you will learn best practices around data collection, data management and data privacy.

Optimizing Your GOTC Program (October 8, 3pm ET)
Building upon the four previous trainings, this training offers participants the finalizing elements of perfecting your GOTC program. It will analyze how to report your GOTC program, how to make real-time pivots as challenges arise, and how to be well-positioned for various stakeholder inquiries (i.e., donors and partners). Participants will learn how to utilize data sets, create sample reports, and capture successes and failures for future efforts.

To register for these trainings, visit censuscounts.org/digital-organizing-tools.

Contact your Community Foundation staff at: (860) 626-1245 to discuss your charitable giving options and goals.