John and Cynthia Reznick built their lives in Northwest Connecticut. John, a Torrington High School graduate, began working in the electrical distribution industry shortly after high school. Throughout a 40 year career, he worked his way up from sales and warehouse positions to sales management, vice president, and ultimately to Regional President of U.S. Electrical Services.

Cynthia, a Winsted native, taught Spanish and English at The Gilbert School and later worked at a local oncology office as a medical assistant.

“Together we have made a nice living over the years,” said John. “I never felt like I was working.”

The Reznicks have supported many local nonprofit fundraisers and appeals, including gifts to the Warner Theatre, LARC, and the Northwest CT Community Foundation, including the Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills, the Community Leadership Fund, and the Northwest Corner Gives: Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund. They have contributed to fundraisers related to hunger, to those with intellectual and physical disabilities, to the arts, and to homeless animals.

“You see people around you who are passionate about a cause. They don’t have to step up and help, but they do, and so much good comes out of their efforts. It’s inspiring, and John and Cynthia Reznick established the John and Cynthia Reznick Fund. it’s contagious.”

In 2016, the Reznicks retired. They sat down with their professional advisor to review their estate planning. After planning for gifts to their family members and close friends, they decided to give back to Northwest Connecticut, to continue to support the nonprofits in the community they love.

“Northwest Connecticut is a beautiful place to live,” said Cynthia. “There are so many places we love to visit; there is no other place I would want to live. But like many places, there is a lot of need.

“There are people who need a safety net. There are people who, through no fault of their own, may need some assistance in taking care of themselves.”

Through their estate planning, the Reznicks established the Northwest CT Community Foundation John and Cynthia Reznick Fund. The bequest, a field-of-interest fund, will benefit local causes making a difference in the Northwest Corner.

“I consider myself to be very fortunate,” said John. “I worked hard, but I had a lot of good fortune. I had a lot of good mentors over the years. I watched how successful people behaved. Part of financial success is giving back. Doing well financially is one measure of success. Another measure is looking beyond yourself to the needs of others.”

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