Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce: Compensation and Benefits Survey of Nonprofits Released

​​TSNE MissionWorks has released Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce: Compensation and Benefits Survey of Nonprofits in Southern New England and Westchester County, NY. The multi-state survey includes data reported by a range of nonprofits with job descriptions specific to the region’s nonprofit sector.

Survey compensation findings are available in a Searchable Salary Database and in the Compensation and Benefits Report (pdf). The Report was compiled from information reported by 342 nonprofit organizations that completed the survey, contributing data on more than 35,000 individual salaries that were categorized into 171 job descriptions, ranging from Executive Director/CEO, to Program Manager, to Case Worker, and Volunteer Coordinator.

"This is the third compensation study (2010, 2014, 2017) that TSNE Missionworks has published in the last seven years. Each time we gain more information and insight on an often-overlooked portion of our nonprofit sector, small to midsized organizations – those with budgets under $2 million in revenue, and those with few staff,” says Lyn Freundlich, TSNE MissionWorks’ Human Resources Consulting Practice Leader.

“Individually, these groups are small, but collectively, they make up a significant portion of our nonprofit workforce. The survey findings and reports are a much-needed, free resource allowing these nonprofits, and others, to assess their compensation and benefits levels compared with similar groups in their region.” The report and database are available for everyone to access for free thanks to the contributions of our survey funding partners identified in the survey report and database.


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