A Statement on Equity and Justice from the Community Foundation

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For the past several months, the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation has dedicated itself to addressing the crisis in our communities created by the corona pandemic. Our philanthropy exists to lift up and embrace ALL community members, especially in times when our help is needed most.

The Community Foundation's support comes with the realization and acknowledgement that minorities, immigrants, and disadvantaged populations have disproportionately suffered from the affects of the pandemic. Their sickness, death and economic loss has laid bare a long standing national culture of racial oppression and discrimination that highlight the unyielding disparities that perpetually confront them.

In light of the shattering and heartbreaking events in Minneapolis, Louisville, Tallahassee and Brunswick, GA, the Community Foundation is reaffirming its long-standing commitment to philanthropy and public policies that advance inclusion, equity, social justice, and diversity in our communities.

We unequivocally stand against racism, discrimination in any form, social injustice and the structural oppression that has suffocated the breath of equal opportunity in education, housing, health outcomes, safety and economic security for generation after generation of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and LGBTQ+ community members, people with disabilities, and so many other underserved community members.

We pledge to promote, fund and advocate for -- through our grant-making and business practices -- programs and policies designed to eliminate bias, provide equal access to services and supports, and champion social equity for each and every citizen in Northwest Connecticut.

This country is built on the hope and aspirations of all Americans and the promise of equal opportunity that embodies our democracy. Now is the time for systemic change-one that finally guarantees that a promise made, is a promise kept. To succeed, each of us must reflect on our role in achieving that outcome, and the contribution each of us can make to re-imagine and reinvent a more just, equitable, diverse and compassionate Northwest Connecticut.

Yours truly,

Guy Rovezzi


Board of Trustees

 Anne Sutherland Fuchs

  Adrian Selby
 1st Vice Chair

 F. Robert Petricone
 2nd Vice Chair

 Donald Mayland

 Jim Blackketter

 Anita Baxter
 Emily Dalton
 Vincent Inconiglios
 Gayle Moraski
 Victor Muschell
 Rod Pleasants
 Lori Riiska
 Norman (Skip) Rogers
 Ronald Rosenstein
 Barbara Spiegel


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