Women & Girls Fund Supports Financial Literacy, Job Skills

The Women & Girls Fund, a fund of the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation has awarded $9,500 in grants in support of local organizations that are working to develop economic self-sufficiency for women by means of education, financial literacy and social services.

  • Family Strides, Inc. was awarded $3,000 in support of a series of financial education workshops for at-risk, low-income mothers

“The Money Smart modules provide participants with the knowledge and resources they need to use the services and products of financial institutions (banks and credit unions) effectively, create and implement a spending plan… use credit and borrow money responsibly, protect their financial rights and safeguard their money, and determine their readiness to buy a home,” said Nicole Kilduff, Executive Director.

  • McCall Center for Behavioral Health was awarded $2,400 in support of the Hanson House Resiliency Group

“The Hanson House program has a focus on clinical support and holistic treatment. Residents are empowered to heal and continue their recovery in a home-like setting,” said Sara Osborne, Director of Prevention.

“Over the course of the 4 to 6 months… they gradually increase their independence, accountability, and at the later stages of the program, are encouraged to find work in the community and continue their treatment with the McCall Center or other recovery support systems in the community.”

The following is a comprehensive list of 2018 Women & Girls Fund Grants:

CAFTA - $2,500 to support to support Summer Art Camp scholarships for daughters of working mothers

Family Strides, Inc. - $3,000 to support a series of financial education workshops for at-risk, low-income mothers

Kent Education Center & Nursery School - $1,600 to support scholarships to increase access to preschool

McCall Center for Behavioral Health - $2,400 to support the Hanson House Resiliency Group

Established as a giving circle in 1999 by a small group of women who shared a concern for the real-life needs of local women and girls, the Women & Girls Fund has awarded more than $60,000 to organizations that work to help women and girls develop skills, attain economic security, and improve their quality of life.

In recent years, the Fund has awarded grants to support childcare scholarships for working mothers, assist unemployed women to enter the workforce, provide automobiles to working women who need transportation, enhance economic opportunities and promote self-sufficiency for women leaving abusive relationships, support art therapy for mothers and daughters, and fund leadership and assertiveness workshops for high school girls.

For more information about The Women & Girls Fund or to learn how you can support its mission, visit www.northwestcf.org/womenandgirls

Contact your Community Foundation staff at: (860) 626-1245 to discuss your charitable giving options and goals.