Women & Girls Fund Supports Single Working Mothers, Career Planning

The Women & Girls Fund of the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation has awarded $9,600 in support of local organizations that are working to build economic self-sufficiency for single working mothers and assist young women with career planning and employment skills.

  • Bakerville Library was awarded $1,650 in support of program costs for day-long conference Be All You Can Be

“The purpose of the conference is to encourage the girls to think about their plans for the future and to have a better understanding of the opportunities available to them after middle school and high school,” said Bakerville Library Board Chair Kathy Kinane. “The program focus is empowerment so they feel confident enough to follow any career path they are interested in.”

  • LARC was awarded $3,000 to support Camp Moe scholarships for children of single mothers

“Affordable childcare that keeps children safe, healthy and engaged is logistically very difficult for many single working mothers,” said LARC Executive Director Larry Cassella. “Many who cannot afford summer programs are forced to put together care from other family members, or leave children alone…Knowing their children are safe and happy, [single] mothers will be able to remain in the workplace during the summer months.”

The following is a comprehensive list of 2017 Women & Girls Fund Grants:

Bakerville Library - $1,650 in support of program costs for day-long conference Be All You Can Be

Housatonic Youth Service Bureau - $700 in support of the Summer Internship program

Kent Community Nursery School, Inc. - $1,750 in support of scholarships for children of single mothers

LARC - $3,000 in support of Camp Moe scholarships for children of single mothers

Northwest Connecticut YMCA - Winsted Branch - $750 in support of the purchase of educational software and textbooks for a mother/daughter English-as a-second-language program

Winsted Area Child Care Center, Inc. - $1,750 in support of scholarships for a preschool program and the BASE summer program for children of single working mothers

Established as a giving circle in 1999 by a small group of women who shared a concern for the real-life needs of local women and girls, the Women & Girls Fund has awarded more than $60,000 to organizations that work to help women and girls develop skills, attain economic security, and improve their quality of life.

In recent years, the Fund has awarded grants to support childcare scholarships for working mothers, assist unemployed women to enter the workforce, provide automobiles to working women who need transportation, enhance economic opportunities and promote self-sufficiency for women leaving abusive relationships, support art therapy for mothers and daughters, and fund leadership and assertiveness workshops for high school girls.

For more information about The Women & Girls Fund or to learn how you can support its mission, visit www.northwestcf.org/womenandgirls

Contact your Community Foundation staff at: (860) 626-1245 to discuss your charitable giving options and goals.