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Searchable Online Nonprofit Database

The Searchable Online Nonprofit Database is maintained in partnership with nonprofits in our Northwest Corner. The Database serves as a research tool for the donor community and others, enabling Community Foundation website visitors to search for nonprofits by organization name, service area, and service categories, and then click through to visit nonprofits' websites to learn more.

Information listed in the Database comes directly from Nonprofit Profiles. Nonprofits may log in and edit their profile at any time.

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Continuing Education

Throughout the year, the Community Foundation hosts nonprofit training sessions on topics including governance, Board development, communications and fundraising.

Each Spring, the Community Foundation hosts the LEAP program. The Leadership Enrichment for Advancing Professionals (LEAP) is presented by Danosky & Associates, LLC. LEAP is specifically designed for nonprofit Executive Directors.
Explore upcoming nonprofit education events.

Meeting Space

Community Foundation conference rooms are available to nonprofits for meetings and training events.The Community Foundation has two meeting rooms. The large conference room seats more than 20 people and features a projector system that enables presenters to share materials from their laptop or mobile device. The smaller conference room seats about eight and is ideal for small meetings or a just quiet place to collaborate. Laptops and projectors for presentations also are available. Contact Foundation staff to make a reservation.

Nonprofit Library

The Community Foundation funds reports and surveys that provide crucial data that supports the work of hundreds of local nonprofits and maintains a nonprofit library includes more than 150 books with topics that range from governance to community program development. Books are available at the Community Foundation office.

​Recently Published:

The Community Foundation was a lead funder for the 2022 Connecticut Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Report. Compensation data is crucial to sustaining nonprofits’ missions. It is important for nonprofit leaders to have the necessary data to help understand their responsibility to align compensation with their organizational values, to support fair and consistent compensation practices, and to continue to work to advance equity and inclusion within their organizations and communities. Read 2022 Connecticut Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Report

 Leadership New England Survey Results: Essential Shifts For a Thriving Nonprofit Sector

In partnership with foundations and nonprofits from each New England state, Third Sector New England has released Essential Shifts for a Thriving Nonprofit Sector. The report includes data from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont on an interactive website sortable by city, state and region. This study seeks to illustrate trends in the sector, provide an analysis of the emerging needs of leaders, and identify the key supports to keep organizations thriving.

Essential Shifts for a Thriving Nonprofit Sector (pdf)

Calendar of Events

Send us your events and we will post them to our Events Calendar and share them on our Facebook page. Visit the Calendar to view and post events.

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