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What’s an RSS feed?  

RSS feeds bring timely information straight to your desktop. You can monitor news and other timely content from various Web sites in one location without visiting them. It is all delivered to you through an RSS reader.

How do I Subscribe to an RSS Feed?

You will need as RSS reader. A news reader can be accessed through a Web browser, installed on your computer, or you can use a Web browser with a built in RSS reader.
Web-based readers create a web page for your RSS feeds. They can be accessed from any computer. Desktop-based readers are computer programs that you download and install on your computer. They operate as a stand-alone program. RSS readers are also being built into existing programs. For example, you can read RSS feeds in Outlook 2007. Several web browsers, such as later versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari have built in support for RSS feeds. Here are some feed readers you might want to try.

•    Microsoft Outlook 2007 (desktop)
•    Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (Web browser)
•    Firefox (Web browser)
•    NetNewsWire (desktop, Macintosh only)

Add New Feeds to Your Reader

Once you have decided on an RSS reader, you can add news feeds, such as the Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut’s by clicking on the RSS subscription link at the top of this page. Choose your reader and the feed will be added.

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