The Women & Girls Scholarship Challenge -- Helping our Heroes!

Who Deserves an Opportunity?

When someone works incredibly hard, overcomes adversity, and balances school, work and home all to better their lives and communities, we at the Northwest CT Community Foundation Women & Girls Fund think they deserve support.

How Can You Help Provide Opportunities to Women in Northwest Connecticut?

“You never forget the panic that sets in when you have to decide between competing commitments: pay the phone bill or the car insurance, medicine or groceries, rent or electricity?” says Bibby Veerman, friend and supporter of the Women & Girls Fund. A single mom of three young children when she sought to further her career and complete her degree, she knows well the challenges women in a similiar position face. That is why she chose to initiate the Help Our Heroes Scholarship Challenge.

In partnership with Northwestern Connecticut Community College, and begun by a generous donation from Bibby of $1,000, the Women & Girls Fund has established a scholarship fund that will help women and girls who enroll in healthcare degree programs at Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC).

Many women can relate to Bibby's experience. If a woman finds herself the sole caretaker and breadwinner for her family, improving her and her children's lives when there are so many barriers to success can feel overwhelming.

Tiffany Carr found herself in a similiar situation -- without support and with two young boys to raise. She had earned her EMT certificate with the help of the local fire department, but she wanted more for herself and her children. In 2004, she enrolled in an NCCC program to become a paramedic. While working as a paramedic, she returned to NCCC to earn her RN degree. She was hired immediately as an ER nurse, but her desire for more led her to Sacred Heart University where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From there, she completed her master of Science in Nursing and is now an instructor at NCCC where she found her first opportunity to move her life forward.

During the pandemic, Tiffany continues to work full time as a Clinical Lead ER nurse at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. She also serves as a critical care transport nurse because of her dual licensure as an an RN and Paramedic. She is on the frontline for the most seriously ill patients, and we appreciate her dedication.

Tiffany says her success is due to her ability to prioritize and persevere. Now she wants to give back and sharing her story with you is part of that journey.

Another supporter of the Help Our Heroes Scholarship Challenge is Tammy Casey, who serves on The Women & Girls Fund's executive committee. Tammy grew up in Torrington, and through her hard work, her natural talents and her persistence, she has risen to the highest levels in the corporate world. Her company has a generous policy through which Tammy can have monthly deductions taken from her salary and sent directly to the scholarship fund. In addition, the company will donate additional funds for the time that Tammy volunteers to forward our cause.

An Equitable Recovery Requires Bold Investments

Covid-19 has revealed the inequities and injustice that perpetuate the systems in our state and in our larger society. As advocates for women and girls, we know inequities exist for this often marginalized group. We braced ourselves for how the economic and health crisis would further harm them. COVID-19 has placed the need for nurses, and all health care professionals, into sharp focus and we want to support that need, with your help.

Furthermore, we believe significant investments in equitable pathways to high-wage, high-growth jobs and a commitment to closing gender and racial wage gaps and preventing discrimination and harassment will create economic security for women and their families.

Responding to This Need

Long-time Women & Girls Fund supporter Bibby's dream to help heroes like Tiffany by starting the Helping Our Heroes Scholarships, will be awarded in Spring 2022. We hope that you will join Bibby and Tammy by supporting this effort.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As the sponsoring organization, The Women & Girls Fund is doing exactly what we want our donors to do: meet or exceed the challenge. To kick off our drive, we are donating $1,000 from our fund to the scholarship program, and we hope you are able to join us as a sponsor.

Sponsorship Levels:
: $2,000 and up
Master Sponsor: $1,000
Bachelor Sponsor: $500
Associate Sponsor: $100

Sponsor Acknowledgement will be on all print, social media and marketing materials.

Ways to Donate

Donate online at our GoFundMe page

Mail us a check
The Women & Girls Fund – Scholarship Challenge
Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation
P.O. Box 1144
Torrington, CT 06790

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